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It is "All About Precision"

Dan Meredith, Founder of Precision Organisation shares an insight into what we do as a company, how we are looking to grow as a business and help others learn the valuable skills to increase their potential...

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Meet our Team

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Dan Meredith

CEO and


Emily Andrews

Organisational Head

Want to work with established and amazing brands?

It is all about the service you provide

Working in Sales and Customer Service provides you with the stepping stone to build your skill set and generate new business on behalf of the clients that you work with. You will aim to represent a brand, generate leads and create brand awareness. 

Grow with us

Growth is our number one priority! Starting in a sales and customer service environment is an excellent opportunity to learn new skills. However, when you are ready you’ll get access to education and support on how to upskill others.

Travel with us

With Precision you have opportunity to travel to great locations across the world as a reward for performing to the best of your ability. We give you a chance to gain important advice to enhance your career prospects.

Build with us

A lot of applicants are searching for a place to develop an opportunity for themselves. Whether you want to gain experience to build your CV or learn the skill to start your business Precision has the foundations to do so.

Will you be part of our...

Expansion Plans?

At Precision Organisation development is at the heart of what we do. Using our platform you can excel in the Sales and Customer Service industry by appying yourself to our Sales or Business Development programme.

— Founder Of Precision : Dan Meredith

We provide solutions to
help you grow

Precision in the growth sense

We have two development programmes

At Precision Organisation we developed a two programme platform to deal with the growth of our personnel. Our Customer Acquisition and Business Development Programme are there to suit all types of applicants. Whether you are looking to develop your skills in a business environment or you are looking to travel, learn essential business skills and coach others we can cater for both requirements.


Customer Acquisitions Programme

Our introductory programme is for individuals who would like to gain skills in the industry, to perhaps enhance the experience on their CV or use in the future for any opportunity that comes their way.

We give you a chance to work with one of our mentors who will guide you through three key skills to learn when talking to customers. Presenting a product, creating brand awareness and customer service.


Business Development Programme

Our advancement programme is for anyone looking to gain the necessary business skills to create a startup for themselves. 

We find in today's world a lot of career minded individuals are seeking a change in their day to day routine. You may want to act upon starting a business based upon a passion you have or obtain a high end position in the corporate world. Essentially Precision can cater for both ends of the spectrum.

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