Dealing with COVID-19 Precisely

We are continuously monitoring the situation regarding COVID-19 in order to be able to react to the changing situation at all times. We would like to reasure everybody that measures are in place to protect everyone in our organisation.

Affiliate Safety

We have introduced a sanitisation station and the relevant signage to combat COVID-19 whilst engaging in a 2 metre distancing rule. 

Customer Safety

Our affiliates will be wearing Face Shields, Masks and carrying Hand Sanitiser when representing a specific client. Every affiliate will be temperature tested on a daily basis before brand representation commences.

Business Safety

Our working space will be cleansed and sanitised everyday as part of UK Goverment guidelines to ensure we contain any strain of the virus and to keep a clean co-working space.

The health and safety of the general public and customers we engage with is extremely important to us. Our priority is to ensure every person within our organisation is protected during these unprecedented times. The measures we are taking from the World Health Organisation are constantly under review and changing rapidly so we’re working as a team to provide the best possible service to our clients and business partners through the pandemic.

Our dedicated team will be monitoring the UK governments national & international guidelines to contain the virus as best as we possibly can.

With these measures in place we are extremely confident we will protect our workforce to interrupt chains of infection so the country can get back to some type of normality.

Due to the latest government guidelines Precision Organisation will start to re-open from July. Please contact our team on 01206 489650 for operating times and queries.


Dan Meredith

Before I speak about our return to what we do best I’d like to say I hope everyone has gained something positive from these unprecedented times. It’s been a great period to connect with family and the ones we care about the most during the lockdown. I’ve never felt more confident & ready to take the reigns and steer the organisation towards what is ahead with new relationships with clients & new opportunities to end 2020 as strong as we started it. Thanks to the NHS & the key workers who’ve worked tirelessly through the last few months to keep the country moving forward. Rest assured we’ll be following structured procedures to safely return to business and in doing so will be donating PPE to our local services to show gratitude for their hard work. Thank you and I look forward to seeing everyone again soon. Bring on the remainder of 2020!