COLCHESTER, ESSEX – The Owner of Precision Organisation has announced that Luke, a contractor within the community, will be opening an office in Southampton. Details on Luke’s success as well as the firm’s learning environment were discussed.

Dan M., Owner of Precision Organisation, stated that Luke has been working extremely hard. In particular, he has broken records and surpassed many goals already in 2019. According to Dan, Luke has gone above and beyond as he progresses his own business.

As Dan noted, Luke’s performance and ambition are inspirations for all of the contractors affiliated with Precision Organisation. Each of these entrepreneurs shares a determination to go further on their professional journeys. When an individual like Luke succeeds, someone who has steadily attained the skills and frame of mind to take the reins of his own office, it encourages others to continue to make strides toward their visions.

Precision Organisation’s Owner on How the Firm’s Culture Supports Entrepreneurs

Precision Organisation has become a go-to place for independent contractors who are launching their own business ventures. Dan credits this to the community’s culture, which is steeped in learning and support. Entrepreneurs within the network have access to a number of learning resources through which they can acquire important skills necessary to excel as professionals, such as communication, presentations, and outreach campaign development.

They also develop other proficiencies which are vital to successfully running an office. Human resource techniques, staff recruitment, and leadership are among those areas covered in this learning environment. All training available is hands-on and guided by seasoned coaches who have achieved results in their own business growth.

Of course, it’s the community itself that really heightens the experience for entrepreneurs. Here, they meet and connect with other contractors who are following similar professional tracks. They can share their knowledge, collaborate on different projects, and even provide support as they move forward. Dan noted that in addition to in-network meetings that bring everyone together, there are travel opportunities available. From visiting various offices in the U.K., to travel to other countries in Europe and around the globe, there’s plenty of chances to build powerful networks that these emerging business leaders need to thrive.

Dan reflected on the energy Precision Organisation emits and how much it has inspired people like Luke to take advantage of the tools at their disposal to succeed professionally and personally. He believes this year will see more contractors take their next ownership steps, as new ones join in the excitement.

About Precision Organisation:
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