The consultants in the Precision Organisation network work hard, and can often be seen coaching each other and supporting one another’s growth. The result of their cohesion is a culture in which passion is shared and goals are achieved in a spirit of camaraderie.

Goal setting in particular helps the consultants learn and develop. Their objectives range from business trends to networking and beyond. For example, Claire and Jan happened to make substantial progress toward their goals at the recent 2018 collaboration meeting. Not only did they meet new people and foster existing relationships, they went over all the ins and outs of what will be happening throughout Precision Organisation and our industry throughout the year.

These are the ways goal setting facilitates growth:

• It Builds Momentum: When a person achieves one goal, he or she feels a sense of achievement and motivation to do something even bigger.

• It Offers Guidance: Goals are focal points. People look to them on a regular basis to confirm movement in the right direction.

• It Is a Means of Measurement: As people progress toward their professional visions, they reflect on the goals they’ve already reached. This way, they see how far they’ve come and how much is left to go.

Claire and Jan are ready to excel in 2018. Follow Precision Organisation on Twitter for a closer look at the value of goal setting.