When it comes to learning and growing as professionals, the best lessons come from others who are in the same industry. Therefore, the Precision Organisation network of consultants recently participated in a grand tour of other industry offices throughout the United Kingdom.

Dan, Precision Organisation’s Owner, described the trip as a mix of networking and coaching opportunities. “Each office has incorporated best practises that are factors in the results their contractors attain,” he said. “By taking the time to travel to these different cities, our campaign leaders observed new techniques they could apply as they work toward leading their own enterprises. At the same time, these individuals shared business tips they had acquired through our office.”

The group visited offices in Brighton and Nottingham. “We collaborated on effective consulting and marketing services as they apply to different outreach approaches,” said Dan. “It was a fruitful trip.”

“Travel fits well with our business model,” said Dan. ”We support trips like this that boost knowledge and augment coaching. It is rewarding to see people in our community grasp concepts. Precision Organisation is a space in which these emerging entrepreneurs have access to the right tools to realise their unlimited potential. This network approach provides the right culture in which they can learn and grow from each other, as well as our experts.”

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