We love to learn within the community at Precision Organisation. It’s even better when we can gather the top minds in the customer acquisition industry and share our best practises with one another. Recently, Owners and Assistant Owners were invited to attend a Crew Leader Meeting. This event featured plenty of discussions on key topics that are essential to business growth. Here are three that were part of our collective conversation:

• Developing Others: One of the keys to successfully growing an enterprise is nurturing people. As we’ve noted, this includes providing ample guidance and feedback. It also involves modelling the behaviours and mind-sets that are common among high achievers. When we walk the talk, it also encourages others to do the same.

• Goal Setting: One of the hallmarks of the Precision Organisation system is establishing clear objectives. We rely on a SMART method, an acronym that’s clever to remember. S refers to specific goals, so we are sure on our exact aim. M is for measurable, which allows us to track our progress. A is for attainable, which means while we might have to stretch, we can hit our targets. R is for relevant, as in how our goals relate to our overall vision. And finally, T is for time-sensitive, in that we need a deadline to ensure we complete our plans.

• Networking: Meetings like this are important for practising our abilities to connect with others. We do research beforehand to learn who might attend and have ice-breakers ready.

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