Supporting good causes has always been a big part of the Precision Organisation ethos. Dan, the firm’s Owner, stated, “Giving back helps the contractors in this network grow as people. It also develops a stronger sense of community among all those who work with us.”

Consultants within Precision Organisation’s network can take part in a variety of giveback events. Dan added, “From trash pickup to food deliveries for local shelters, contractors who participate within our community make the world a better place. Volunteering for a range of causes in the area also helps independent consultants add valuable contacts who can help them advance in their professional journeys. It’s a major win for everyone involved.”

In addition to giveback opportunities, personal growth coaching of all kinds is available to those in our network. Taking part in social impact endeavours may be the most direct way for consultants to broaden their professional horizons. “People find skills they never knew they had when they give back,” Dan remarked. “There’s something about helping others in fresh contexts that leads to meaningful improvement. The positive outcomes of giveback events in which Precision Organisation takes part are evident as soon as consultants return to the job. They emerge more inspired than ever to perform at their best because they’ve sharpened their skill sets through selfless giving.”

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