There’s always an uptick in the excitement around Precision Organisation when this network gathers together for an event. On 15-16 March, Owners, assistant owners, and other entrepreneurs descended on Hammersmith, London for a meeting of the brightest minds in the customer acquisition industry.

The meetings on 15 March were for the Owners and assistant owners who got together to discuss various strategies and share their best practises for outreach campaigns to help others within the community at Precision Organisation grow their businesses. This is one of the true benefits of this collaborative culture, as everyone has access to not only the resources to develop a thriving enterprise, but also like-minded people who share their energies and passion.

On 16 March, newer entrepreneurs joined in to partake in a tremendous networking experience where they connected with other business leaders and got a bigger picture of this industry overall.

The two-day event culminated with an awards ceremony in which superstars were recognised for their achievements. Everyone was inspired by the efforts these people put forth to realise their goals, which ensures that next meeting, there will be even more contractors in this esteemed spotlight. All in all, it was a grand chance for those there to listen, learn, and commit themselves to continuing along their professional journeys.

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