When it comes to the holiday season, Precision Organisation festivities extend far beyond a Christmas party. Celebration is a weeks-long affair. For example, many business consultants within the company’s network recently took part in a performance competition.

Leading up to Christmas, the professionals earned raffle tickets for meeting their development goals. The more tickets they earned, the better their chances of winning the raffles. They surpassed their goals and progressed along their journeys while winning valuable items.

For Percision Organisation, the holiday season culminated in a party. It took place on December 22, and served as a ceremony at which high achievers received awards. The event was the perfect end to a successful year.

There are many other functions and achievements to report as well. For instance, consultants in the network are looking forward to a conference meeting in Redding. They are attending a master class in Surrey. They are also meeting with clients before the end of the year. Doing so will solidify their business relationships.

One of these consultants, Claire H., is deserving of special mention. She is growing and doing well overall. She meets her personal goals and is even willing to travel to achieve them. Claire’s next area of focus will be on back-end business operations, where she will likely excel.

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