Goal setting is part of the Precision Organisation success strategy. Consultants set objectives for all areas of development, including networking and client retention. In fact, they recently held end-of-year meetings with their clients. Doing so showed that they value their relationships with and investments in their clients.

These professionals could certainly hold meetings at random points throughout the year, without specific goals surrounding them. Putting objectives in place, however, adds extra weight to their commitments and aids them in several ways. Here are just a few benefits of goal setting:

• They Inspire: Every goal achieved brings a renewed sense of achievement. It feels good – so good that it inspires people to reach for more. Even when faced with challenges, they feel compelled to push forward.

• They Guide: Growth is a Precision Organisation mainstay. It is the foundation of success. Goals act as checkpoints on the journey to excellence. They keep people focussed and moving in the right directions.

• They Clarify: With a lot of tasks to complete, it isn’t always easy to know which to tackle first. In such cases, it helps to refer to goals and rank duties in ways that ensure optimal progress toward those objectives. Reflection every step of the way will clarify whether adjustments are needed.

For these reasons and more, goal setting is a worthy endeavor.

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