The business consultants in this network work for themselves but are able to achieve even more when they work together. This makes the ability to collaborate a vital skill for the group of contractors who are part of the Precision Organisation workspace.

Dan, Owner of Precision Organisation, understands the importance of teamwork to success, so he occasionally encourages people to take part in business trips. Most recently, people went to Slovenia for almost a week to ski, relax, and get to know one another better. The trip was a great success, as those who went came back with a deeper respect and admiration for one another, making it easier for them to partner up on their initiatives.

Creating an office culture that inspires teamwork among people who are, by nature, independent, takes planning and commitment. This is one reason Dan helps to plan events like the Slovenia ski trip. By getting contractors away from the office and giving them a chance to relax and have fun together, they get to know one another in ways that might not be possible during the course of their busy work weeks. This creates a foundation on which cooperative effort can thrive.

By creating chances for independent consultants to spend time together away from their professional responsibilities, Dan is a catalyst for greater collaboration between entrepreneurs. See pictures from the Slovenia trip by liking Precision Organisation on Facebook.