Within the Precision Organisation community, it’s always exciting when a member is ready to take a step forward on his or her professional journey. John R. is the most recent entrepreneur to realise his goals and open a limited business venture. John’s good news was announced on September 1 at the Elevate Rally.

“We’re all quite happy for John on his success,” said Dan, Owner of Precision Organisation. “Of course, this comes as no surprise given John’s bright mind, hard work, and natural leadership abilities.”

As Dan noted, John took full advantage of the resources available to him through Precision Organisation. “He joined the network to become more proficient in his business skills to progress his venture. He learned all he could about customer acquisitions from leading experts and applied it to meet his goals.”

John shared his excitement about his business. “I look forward to putting together outreach campaigns that help companies reach their objectives,” he said. “I’ve enjoyed working with others who share a similar growth goal. The lessons and skills we’ve learned from each other will have a great impact on my business future.”

Dan continued, saying he’s confident that with John’s talent and knowhow, his enterprise will have a strong leader in place. “He’s only tapped a small part of this potential and I’m sure the next part of his journey will be exceptional.”

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