We like to highlight the professional milestones of the contractors within the network associated with Precision Organisation. Recently, we watched as Christina, who has been working in event management, has taken on a new responsibility: recruitment consultant.

Christina has always been able to see the big picture, working with her fellow independent consultants to bring about enhanced results for the companies in the Precision Organisation portfolio. She has embraced our in-person approach and used it to build a successful business of her own, and now she’ll be using that same determination and business-owner mentality to find other entrepreneurs to be part of her professional network. Her efforts have already yielded measurable results.

One of the secrets to Christina’s success is that she’s goal-oriented. She has a clear vision of what she wants to accomplish in the future and has taken the time to develop clear action steps to help her get there. What’s more, she’s a master communicator, sharing her ideal future in such a compelling way that others are drawn to join her cause. It’s this talent that makes her especially qualified to be a recruitment consultant.

This community is all about ambitious professionals who own and operate successful customer acquisition companies of their own, and Christina is just the person to help us continue to grow. Learn more about our independent consultants by following Precision Organisation on Twitter.