The Precision Organisation network of consultants is a close-knit community of driven professionals who join forces to ensure mutual success. This year, we’ve raised the bar on accomplishments. We took time to celebrate all that people have done in 2017.

Our Precision Organisation gala dinner was held on 9 December 2017. We took stock of what our independent consultants have achieved as individuals and as a collective this year. It was a joyful event that brought us together. It helped solidify the bonds we have built this year.

“This gala is a great way to recognise both company and personal achievements over the past year,” said Dan, Precision Organisation’s Owner. “We hailed the initiatives that have drawn positive outcomes this year for the companies we represent. We also revelled in individual milestones that our network of consultants has reached. Each one moved further on their professional journeys this year.”

As Dan noted, galas, trips, and other events are vital for the community as we continue to build on our accomplishments in 2017. “Any chance we get to bring people together for a celebration, we do just that,” he stated. “I strongly believe it boosts both morale and overall productivity. It reinforces the perks of being part of a growing professional community that sets the stage for entrepreneurship.”

We want people to succeed.
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