The consultants in the Precision Organisation network have worked hard to create a shared culture in which passion and support are exchanged freely. As the professionals pursue their growth, they thrive in an atmosphere of camaraderie. In fact, they keep their relationships strong by spending time together outside the work setting.

For instance, many of the Precision Organisation community are excited for some upcoming ski trips. In February, they are heading to Austria. In March, they’re visiting Val-d’Isere, France. These are performance-driven excursions, which will give the consultants chances to have fun and relax in beautiful places.

Many of the qualities that help people shine at work also make them great companions on trips like these. These are the types of qualities that shine in the consultant’s work environment and on social trips:

• Enthusiasm: Upbeat attitudes go far. They’re contagious. When one person has a positive attitude, others can’t help but be a little brighter as well. Productivity and engagement soar. Of course, enthusiasm on a getaway makes for a great time too.

• Strong Communication: Good communication is clear on many levels. Consultants are open and succinct when sharing ideas and feedback with each other. They also know how to use body language to convey their points, read the nonverbal cues in their colleagues, and listen carefully to one another.

Events like these help Precision Organisation stand apart from the competition. Check out our Newswire for updates on the ski trips.