We enjoy a good celebration and on September 1, we did just that. Independent contractors in the community around Precision Organisation gathered for the Elevate Rally. There were plenty of Gold and Platinum awards presented. People won for leadership, administration, and other achievements. The award recipients were those who exceeded their personal goals and met key deadlines.

“Celebrations are a big part of business success,” said Dan, Owner of Precision Organisation. “As entrepreneurs work daily to progress their ventures, they need to feel a sense of accomplishment. It’s nice to mark the occasion with their peers. The Elevate Rally was a great way to do that.”

Here are a few reasons we support these types of events:

• Motivates Us: When we’ve put forth a lot of effort to realise our goals, it’s good to know that others see we’re on track. It gives us a boost of energy. Also, it’s just the kind of boost we need to reach higher to the next level and continue climbing.

• Inspires Others: Each time one person succeeds, it gives hope to others that someday, they, too, will be the person who receives a special award for their hard work. There’s a lot to be learned from the winner’s circle that smart people know to note.

• Builds Camaraderie: In this network, contractors support each other as they work toward common objectives. Taking time to celebrate individual victories reinforces community spirit, which encourages collaboration amongst these people.

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