Public speaking is a delicate mix of art and science. Becoming a successful presenter requires substantial practise and care. The Precision Organisation network of brand ambassadors shares some public speaking insights that help them captivate crowds. Put them to use the next time you give a speech:

• Tap into Passion: Simply sharing facts is one thing. Communicating a message is another. If you want people to buy into what you have to say, you must buy into it first. Your listeners will know whether you’re truly invested in the subject matter. As Simon Sinek says, “You can’t manufacture passion.”

• Begin With the End: There’s a common misconception that speakers should present information in a way that builds up suspense and climaxes at the end – as in a screenplay. On the contrary, it’s helpful to highlight the high point right from the get-go. Your audience will engage right away and be eager to hear the supporting points.

• Observe Others: Learning is part of the Precision Organisation approach to success. The most accomplished people in the world share a hunger for growth. Tap into your desire for development by listening to experts give presentations. Take note of the techniques that work for them, and experiment until you identify some that are effective for you.

These tips will help you enhance your public speaking abilities. Follow Precision Organisation on Twitter for more helpful information.