Precision Organisation generates momentum by securing support for causes and brands we believe in.

Personal Interaction With Precision Organisation

Technology influences lives more than ever. It has even changed the way people communicate. No matter how powerful it is, however, no amount of technology compares to personal interaction. Precision Organisation brand ambassadors are experts in the individualised engagement people crave.

It’s up to you to learn about each new targeted audience. Within that demographic, you research interests and behaviours, and assess responses to the messages you convey. By tapping into human emotion, you initiate meaningful conversation and solidify interest in new brands and causes.

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The Point

We generate excitement that propels positive social change

Community Culture

Precision Organisation is a close-knit network of people who support one another’s personal journeys. Every brand ambassador here is ambitious and a bit competitive, but celebrates the achievements of others.

In this shared workspace, everyone embraces learning and growth as they experience the ups and downs of being in business. Accessing the community’s vast library of learning resources makes it easy to build expertise. As these individuals develop, they return the support by coaching their peers.


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“The forward progression of my development is easily traced to Precision Organisation. I have gotten to hone my skills in such an educational environment and get the practice and mentorship I needed. It is unbelievable when you really put your mind to something and you are able to achieve anything you want.”

— Ryan

“Opportunities come to those who work for them. I initially struggled with interpersonal skills like public speaking. It was something that I needed to improve on, yet didn’t know how. At Precision Organisation, I found an environment that enabled me to practice my craft, and get the feedback that helped me excel.”

— Joshua