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Welcome to one of the fastest-growing BA Communities in the UK! We want to share with you the best that Precision has to offer including growth, development and the opportunity to build a successful career.

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Our Mission

At Precision, the mission is straightforward! We want to help individuals discover a development opportunity for themselves by learning how to gain the essential elements of customer acquisition and how to pass on those skills to others.

The clients we represent are looking for quality results so we need the best ambassadors representing a varied amount of brands and services to the public.

Who Are Precision

Precision Organisation is both a co-working space and BA Platform for individuals to realise their potential in the business world. Each Brand Ambassador is given a chance to represent great clients throughout events across the United Kingdom.


Growth is our number one priority! Starting as a Brand Ambassador is an excellent opportunity to learn your skills. However, when you are ready you’ll get access to education and support on how to mentor others.


The Precision Entrepreneurship platform is a way to receive on-site coaching and development whilst performing the practical side of being a Brand Ambassador. This way, you learn both the theory and practical side of running a business

Grow With Us

Check out our development stages below and decide where you fit in and add value to our team in the future.


Brand Ambassador

Being a Brand Ambassador guides you through all elements of Sales and Customer Service. Represent a client portfolio and be the face of the brands you represent.


Stage 2 - 3 Entrepreneurship

Take on more responsibility, start upskilling others on the skills you have learned as a BA and start building your own Team / Platform and attend international events.

Partner / Director

Let Precision invest in you as a Business Partner or Business Owner by applying everything learnt throughout the previous advancement stages and make business decisions to determine the growth of your very own business startup.

Connect with us

Contact us using the form below and let us know of any queries you wish to ask us...



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